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Common concerns and questions

We hope to alleviate some of your natural concerns on this page by answering some very common questions - of course if you wish to speak to us directly feel free to contact us

Payment Methods and Site Security

What Payment Methods do you accept?

Payment Methods that we accept on this website

We accept a number of diferent types of card payment methods. These are listed below

  1. VISA

We do not accept cheques but we can accept a postal order or bank draft by written correspondence or telephone only. Our website does not facilitate these type of payments by design.

At present we do not accept paypal but we may consider this at a future date

Are my entered details confidential and secure?

If I give you my card details - are these details secure?

Absolutely 100% - We have gone to every technological effort on this website to keep all your payment and private details completely secure! So how is does done?

  1. When you use a card on our site only some of your card details are actually recorded. Only the second eight digits of your card is held in our database! And ... that is only kept until the transaction is completed and is then deleted. The other details are sent to an encrypted email address that is in no way connected to this website therefore severing any possibility of use to a would be hacker or collector of financial detail. This method of card collection is foolproof and is endorsed by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) making us completely PCI compliant with regards to sensitive card payment information
  2. We use Secured Socket Layer Technology (SSL) - This technology is employed when you enter sensitive information on our website. This technology 'encrypts' anything typed or recorded on our website and can only be 'decoded' via a payed and monitered certificate of authenticity which is a paid governing service employed on this site. This method of security is Industry Standard and with any legitimate website today is completely necessary. In short you are completely protected when you enter any sensitive information on our website.
  3. We are very conciencous about financial and privacy details so that we endeavour to ensure that all sensitive information is destroyed after the transaction has been completed - for more information view the privacy policy
What does PCI compliance mean?

Payment Card Industry Compliance

PCI compliance is a background regulation standard insisted upon by the payment card industry providers in which all data is kept only to conduct a safe afterwhich this information is destroyed and not stored in a database. We adhere to the PCI DSS requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures. These measures are tested monthly by an independant regulatory body for any holes or breach points. We know that being PCI compliant is fundamentally important as it provides an additional confidence and protection against data breaches to which we are committed to.

What does SSL mean?

Secure Socket Layer

First off SSL stands for secure socket layer. Secure socket layer technology protects a website by encrypting important information during different online transactions. An SSL certificate provides private communication channels for data transmission and encrypts it with a special code. The encryption used for the information being transferred has been compared to that of an envelope being sent through the mail. The envelope protects what's inside, and prevents the contents on the inside of the envelope being seen until it reaches the receiver or where it needs to be. This is an industry standard required for all financial transactions over the internet. What it means for you, the customer, is that your card and personal information CANNOT be intercepted or stolen by any third party and is completely secure. We use the highest SSL certificate available on our website providing 2048 bit encryption so you can feel rest assured that your details are completely protected.

Stock Status and Delivery

Stock Status explained

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We understand the need to know how long it would normaly take for your order to arrive so we use a stock indication system to give you an idea of how soon we should be able to dispatch your item. In some cases very slow moving parts are pre order as it isn't practical to hold such like at our premises. In other cases we may happen to be out of stock of an item that we normally hold so to cater for these situations we provide an estimated delivery time to you on the product detail page.

  1. Usually 24 hours - This would be to state that the item is normally held in stock and we estimate a next day delivery in Ireland under normal circumstances.
  2. Usually 48 hours - This would suggest that we are awaiting parts to arrive and would expect them the next day or they are parts we don't carry at our premises but have 24 hour access to them under normal circumstances.
  3. Two to Three Days - This would suggest that the item is a slower moving part that has to be obtained from our distributor and as such will take a little longer to arrive.
  4. Ten working Days - This is not an item that we normally carry in stock, nor do our suppliers in which case these parts are ordered in as required. We suggest a normal time frame of ten working days but it is subject to the manufacturer holding stock in Malaysia where the Dyson factory is based. This is a suggested tyimeframe and cannot be taken as literal however sometimes parts arrive in sooner rather than later but there may always be an exception to that rule.
  5. No Longer Available - This means that the item in question is no longer being manufactured and previous stockpiling is now redundant. In cases like this there may be a suggested pattern spare alternative in which case we will list it.

Parts that are on the shelf or arrive to our warehouse are dispatched the same day

Why can some parts take a long time to arrive?

Why is my order delayed?

This is a question in so much as colleagues within this line of business would love a definitive answer to but the reality is there isn't one single reason why some parts arrive quickly and others do not. We can suggest a number of reasons though.


  1. The manufacturer or distributor is awaiting sufficient orders of said item in order to justify the cost of international shipping. Manufacturers or Distributors do not dispatch single items instead the will wait until pallets and containers are full before dispatch.
  2. Please note that the Dyson factory is based in Malaysia!
  3. Although Dyson manufacture and assemble their products at their base in Malaysia they may not necessarily manufacture each component for the manufacture of that appliance but instead outsource components from countries like China etc. Once again the component source would require sufficient quantities ordered before a ship will sail so to speak.

Unfortunately these kind of situations are a fact of life when dealing with parts in which case there isn't a rock solid due date to be had but rather items are placed on 'back order' until they become available. One we receive parts to our warehouse they are dispatched immediately so rest assured there is no delay on our end.


Correct identification of parts, part types and pattern spares

Where do I find my product information?

Where do I find my rating plate?

Where do I find my Dyson Rating Plate

Dyson Upright Appliances:

  • On the back behind the hose / wand assembly
  • On the base between the wheels
  • On the main body behind the bin


  • Underneath the machine between the wheels
  • On the main body behind the bin
  • Handhelds:

  • On the main body behind the filter
  • On the main body behind the bin
I don't recognize your stock codes

Why don't you use the Dyson Stock Code?

We use our own internal stock codes for parts identification and there are a couple of resons why we do this. To use Dyson stock codes wouldn't fit in with our warehouse stock management system but you can still find the part you require by entering the original DYSON stock code in the searchbox. The second reason ... simply put is plaigerism - We have put an enormous effort into creating our site and we feel that to display the original spare part number would simply lead to other parties copying and using the information that we have painstakenly gathered. As a result we have decided not to display the original code but use our own instead.

Why are Serial Numbers - IMPORTANT!

Why do I need a serial number?

DYSON (for some reason) choose to base a range of products by the same model number! (bonkers in  our opinion) but they do this none the less.

This causes enormous confusion when choosing the correct part for your appliance .... but we are here to help

If you need us to check that you have selected the correct part for your model - Then let us know the full serial number of your dyson ..... we will then check that the part that you have selected is the correct part for your model that you are choosing. This may avoid you having to send your chosen part back to us.

Below is a sample list of where to find your serial number

Dyson Uprights
DC01 - Located on the back between the two rear wheels
DC03 - Located on the back towards the base/ Underneath 
DC04 - Located either on the back towards the base/ underneath or on the main body recess (remove hose/Wand)
DC07 - Located on the back towards the base/ Underneath 
DC14 - Located on the back towards the base/ Underneath 
DC15 - Located on main body recess (remove bin & cyclone assy)
DC24 - Located on main body recess (remove bin & cyclone assy)
DC25 - Located on main body recess (remove bin & cyclone assy)
DC27 - Located on main body recess (remove bin & cyclone assy)
DC33 - Located on main body recess (remove bin & cyclone assy)
DC40 - Located on main body recess (remove bin & cyclone assy)
DC41 - Located on main body recess (remove bin & cyclone assy)
DC50 - Located on main body recess (remove bin & cyclone assy)

Dyson Cylinders
Located underneath the machine or on main body recess (remove bin & cyclone assy) 

Dyson Handhelds & Cordless
DC16 - Located on inside of handle (remove bin/cyclone assy)
DC30 - Located on inside of handle behind filter (remove bin/cyclone/filter assy)
DC31 - Located on inside of handle behind filter (remove bin/cyclone/filter assy)
DC34 - Located on inside of handle behind filter (remove bin/cyclone/filter assy)
DC35 - Located on inside of handle behind filter (remove bin/cyclone/filter assy)
DC44 - Located on inside of handle behind filter (remove bin/cyclone/filter assy)

DC58 - Located on inside of handle behind filter (remove bin/cyclone/filter assy)

Having found your serial number - you can call us below

Area Code: 01 (Dublin)

Line 1: 8307774

Line 2: 8307775

Line 3: 8307843