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Dyson Kits

Specialty Kits created by Dyson for use with Dyson Products

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53EE286F2C476 - Dyson Car Cleaning Kit
PEASE NOTE - This product will NOT fit DCO1, DCO2, DCO3, DC18, DC24 and Handheld range 3 Dyson tools for a cleaner car interior in a handy case. Includes Mini turbine head, Flexi crevice tool and Stubborn dirt brush. Combined price £60...
Ex Tax: 66.00€
53EFE8CB7EF9F - Dyzolv Spot  Cleaner
DYZOLV Spot Cleaner Dyzolv is safe for wool and stain-resistant carpets and is also pH neutral and environmentally friendly There are four active agents which are formulated to help remove heavy duty spots and spills from carpets and rugs. I..
Ex Tax: 10.99€
53F1FC0E6B75D - Dyson Mini Turbine Tool
Dyson Mini Turbine Tool To Fit Dyson - Upright Vacuum Cleaners Ideal for removing pet hair & fibres from car, stairs, upholstery & confined spaces Includes an adaptor for use on all machines Retail packed ..
Ex Tax: 52.39€
53F20306B7922 - Dyson Soft Dusting Brush Assembly (Retail Pack)
Soft Dusting Brush (Retail Pack) Suitable for : DYSON - Upright, Cylinder and Handheld Vacs Nylon bristles are angled at 45°. A felt strip down the centre of the brush helps the tool protect delicate and polished surfaces from scrat..
Ex Tax: 27.46€
53F2033F04CA3 - Dyson Spring Cleaning Kit
Spring Cleaning Kit This kit is suitable for all Dyson upright, cylinder and handheld vacuum cleaners due to the adapor that is included. The kit includes The Dyzolv spot cleaner - which cleans spots and spills, such as grease, food, drinks ..
Ex Tax: 39.80€
576BC962B0588 - Dyson Mattress Tool
Dyson Mattress Tool Removes dust mites & allergens from mattresses & upholstery Lint pickers on the front and back edges - remove loose fibres 45° Neck angle and rounded front - make the tool easier to push Wide head & lig..
Ex Tax: 18.40€
Allergy Kit Retail Pack
DYSON - Accessory Kit for People with Allergies Mattress vacuum cleaner head to remove dust mites and allergens from mattresses and cushions Extra-soft brush to remove dust from sensitive surfaces Extendable and flexible Flexi-crevice head ..
Ex Tax: 51.26€
Dyson Zorb Powder
Dyson ZORB Powder Carpet maintenance powder designed to keep carpets looking new with none of the drawbacks of wet cleaning and no sticky detergent residue. Suitable for all Dyson upright vacuums. Ideal for Wool & Stain resistant carpets..
Ex Tax: 15.43€