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DC35 Diagrams

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Dyson DC35 Family of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Genuine Dyson component parts to keep your appliance running at it's optimum

Dyson DC35 Family of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

DC35 Range - Please note there is more than one version of this vacuum cleaner

The DC35 range of Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners is made up of a number of variations - it is important to examine your own appliance carefully and choose from the model variants listed below.

What variation do you have? - Examine your appliance and choose below

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53EA9FD9C69CA - Dyson Tool Catch Silver
Tool Catch (Silver) Genuine Dyson silver tool catch for select Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Models. This part keeps your tools firmly held in place To Fit - Dyson Cordless Cleaners Silver in colour Bin Catch Rod Catch   ..
Ex Tax: 3.25€
53EB5C5C12FFD - Wide Nozzle Tool
Removes dust and dirt from upholstery and the floor. For use with all Dyson handhelds and DC26. ..
Ex Tax: 20.66€
53ECCC4ED424F - Combination Tool
Replacement combination tool for your Dyson vacuum cleaner. The debris nozzle on the combination tool converts to a brush tool for dusting. ..
Ex Tax: 20.67€
53F1D053D4FD4 - Extension Hose
Dyson Extension Hose Extension hose for your Dyson DC24 and DC50 upright vacuum cleaner or Dyson handheld. The hose extends to 1.2m to reach confined spaces such as beneath car seats and behind cabinets with your Dyson handheld or DC24 upright. ..
Ex Tax: 30.02€
53F1D07925F34 - Extension Rod Catch Spring
Dyson Wand Catch Spring Replacement Wand catch spring for your Dyson vacuum. See Product Specification for model compatibility   ..
Ex Tax: 2.47€
53F207172A6ED - Dyson Up Top Tool
Dyson Up Top Tool The Dyson Up top tool twists to give multiple angles to remove dust, dirt and allergens from hard to reach surfaces such as cupboard tops, door frames and lampshades. It attaches to the wand or hose of your Dyson vacuum cleaner. ..
Ex Tax: 33.99€
56C5A01C30881 - Dyson Charger Assembly
Charger Assembly Suitable for the following models DC30 (Iron/Moulded White) DC30 (Iron/Yellow) DC31 (Iron/Satin Blue) DC31 Animal (Iron/Satin Purple) DC31 Animal Exclusive (Iron/Satin Silver) DC3..
Ex Tax: 34.26€
57117F96DF7C2 - DC35 Main Body Assembly
Main Body Assembly Genuine Dyson Part Contains the motor Cordless Models See 'Product Specification' for compatibility ..
Ex Tax: 73.16€
577525122D91D - Dyson Battery - Type B
Dyson Battery - Type B If your cleaner is not holding charge or if you are not getting the full run time after charging, you may need to replace the battery. Please note that this battery is TYPE B - examine your old battery to compare Ty..
Ex Tax: 68.13€
57D80611A1442 - DC35 Type B Main Body Service Assembly
DC35 TYPE B - Main Body Assembly 'Type B' simply mean's instead of a button to release the battery from the main body, Type B Batteries have a screw which need's to be unscrewed to detach from the main body. Comes with screws and i..
Ex Tax: 80.72€
57E3AB4673148 - Bin Seal
Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Bin Seal Genuine Dyson Suitable for selct models of Dyson Handheld vacuum cleaners See PRODUCT SPECIFICATION for model fit list   ..
Ex Tax: 5.48€
58D3BD80B7556 - Dyson Hard Floor Tool
Dyson Articulating Hard Floor Tool This Hard Floor Tool pivots 180° and has a slim profile to reach into awkward gaps. It has two pivoting points, one on the neck and one on its base so it easily manoeuvres into hard to reach spaces between ca..
Ex Tax: 42.40€
Adaptor Tool
Dyson Adaptor Circle Genuine Dyson Adaptor allows you to attacht a Dyson extension tool to the body of your vacuum cleaner. Soft dusting brush Stubborn dirt brush Up Top Tool Mattress tool Flexi Crevice Tool See Product Specific..
Ex Tax: 7.22€
Bin Assembly
Replacement bin assembly for your Dyson DC31 Animal or DC35 handheld vacuum cleaner. Made from tough polycarbonate - the same material used in crash helmets - so it's strong and durable. ..
Ex Tax: 33.13€
Carbon Fibre Floor Tool End Cap
Replacement Carbon fibre floor tool end cap assembly for your Dyson DC44 Animal  handheld vacuum cleaner. The end cap assembly can be removed to access your brushbar. ..
Ex Tax: 9.55€
If you can't find what you need for your Dyson DC35 cordless vac...
Unsure? or can't find what you need then don't hesitate to let us know! - We will assist you in finding what you are looking for if it is available. Before making contact - please examine your appliance for the rating plate which can be found between the two wheels or under the dust container and have your model and serial number ready. You can call us in Dublin, Ireland on 01 8746141 / 8726565 / 8746860