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Great Service

Thank you for the great service. The part arrived in perfect condition within 4 working days. Thanks..

Michael Brennan

brillant service

excellent website easy payment part arrived next day would definitely use again..

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Dyson Flat Out Head

Please pay attention to model suitability - this part will only suit select Dyson models

Dyson Flat Out Head
Manufacturer: Original Dyson Spare Part
Our Stock Code: 53F1D5F6F0D69
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Dyson Product Description and Specification

Dyson flat out tool attachment. Articulates for effective pick-up, and is especially handy for cleaning under low furniture and household appliances. Automatically adjusts for hard floors and carpet.

Genuine Dyson spare part for all Dyson upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners

Dyson Model Group Compatibility
DC01 Models DC01 Standard
DC07 Models DC07 (Steel & Yellow), DC07 All Floors (Steel/Turquoise), DC07 Allergy (Blue & Turquoise), DC07 Allergy (Purple/Lime/Steel), DC07 Allergy Low Reach (Purple & Scarlet)
DC19 Models DC19 Allergy Parquet (Iron/Titanium/White), DC19 Animal (Iron/Titanium/Lavender), DC19 Comet Exclusive (Iron/Titanium/Satin Purple), DC19 Plus Tools (Iron/Titanium/Yellow ), DC19 Precision (Iron/Titanium/Black), DC19 Tool Kit (Iron/Titanium/Cyan), DC19 dB Mail Order (Iron/Bright Silver/Mid Yellow), DC19 dB Multi Floor (Iron/Bright Silver/Mid Yellow), DC19 dB i (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Yellow)
DC19 T2 Models DC19T2 (Iron/Bright Silver/Yellow), DC19T2 Animal (Iron/Bright Silver/Metallic Purple), DC19T2 Blitz It (Iron-Bright Silver-Metallic Red), DC19T2 Exclusive (Iron-Bright Silver-Satin Blue), DC19T2 Multi Floor (Iron/Bright Silver/Yellow), DC19T2i (Irom/Titanium/Satin Dark Bronze)
DC22 Models DC22 Allergy (Iron/Silver/Satin Yellow), DC22 Animal (Iron/Silver/Platinum), DC22 Multi Floor (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Yellow), DC22 Wood + Wool (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Yellow)
DC23 Models DC23 Allergy (Iron/Silver/Satin Purple), DC23 Animal (Iron/Silver/Bronze), DC23 Motorhead (Iron/Silver/Platinum), DC23 Pink (Iron/Bright Silver/Pink)
DC23 T2 Models DC23T2i (Iron/Bright Silver/White)
DC24 Models DC24 All Floors (Iron/Silver/Satin Yellow), DC24 Animal (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Royal Purple), DC24 Animal MO (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Royal Purple), DC24 Blitz It (Iron/Bright Silver/Metallic Red), DC24 Drawing (White/Ink Blue/Light Steel), DC24 Multi Floor (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Blue), DC24 Multi Floor (Iron/Silver/Satin Yellow), DC24 Multi Floor Complete UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Royal Yellow), DC24i (Iron/Satin Blue)
DC25 Models DC25 All Floors (Iron/Metallic Platinum) DC25 All Floors (Iron/Silver/Satin Yellow) DC25 Animal (Iron/Silver/Metallic Purple) DC25 Animal UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Moulded Purple) DC25 Blitz It (Iron/Metallic Red) DC25 Drawing (White/Ink Blue/Light Steel) DC25 Multi Floor (Iron/Silver/Satin Yellow) DC25 Multi Floor Exclusive UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Moulded Blue) DC25 Multi Floor Exclusive UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Moulded Red) DC25 Multi Floor UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Moulded Yellow) DC25 Overdrive (Iron/Satin Blue) DC25i (Iron/Bright Silver/Moulded Blue) DC25i (Iron/Bright Silver/White)
DC27 Models DC27 All Floors (Iron/Metallic Yellow), DC27 Animal (Iron/Bronze)
DC29 Models DC29 Allergy Parquet (Iron/Bright Silver/Metallic Blue), DC29 Allergy Parquet (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Royal Purple), DC29 Animal (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Fuchsia), DC29 Animal (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Graphite Purple), DC29 Origin (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Yellow)
DC33 Models DC33 (Iron/Bright Silver/Yellow), DC33 Animal (Iron/Bright Silver/Purple), DC33 Animal UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Moulded Dark Purple), DC33 Multi Floor (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Yellow), DC33 Stubborn (Iron/Bright Silver/White), DC33i (Iron/Bright Silver/Red)
DC39 Models DC39 Animal Complete TFT UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Royal Purple), DC39 Animal TFT UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Rich Royal Purple), DC39 Animal UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Red), DC39 I TFT UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Red)
DC40 Models DC40 Multi Floor Complete UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Non-Metallic Yellow), DC40 Multi Floor UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Non-Metallic Yellow), DC40 i UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Non-Metallic Yellow), DC40 i UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Rich Red)
DC41 Models DC41 Animal (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Rich Blue), DC41 Animal Complete (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Rich Blue), DC41 Animal Complete UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Rich Blue), DC41 Animal UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Rich Blue), DC41 ErP MK2 Multi Floor UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Sprayed Yellow), DC41 ErP Mk2 Animal Complete UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Sprayed Blue), DC41 ErP Mk2 Animal UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Sprayed Blue), DC41 ErP Mk2 i UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Sprayed Blue), DC41i (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Rich Red)
DC49 Models DC49 Multi Floor Complete UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Blue), DC49 Multi Floor UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Blue), DC49 i UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Yellow)
DC50 Models DC50 Animal (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Rich Royal Purple), DC50 Animal Complete (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Rich Purple), DC50 ErP Animal UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Purple), DC50 ErP Multi Floor Complete UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Yellow), DC50 ErP Multi Floor UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Yellow), DC50 ErP i UK (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Yellow), DC50 Multi Floor (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Yellow), DC50 Multi Floor Complete (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Yellow), DC50i (Iron/Bright Silver/Satin Rich Royal Red)
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