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Thank You Gerry! Looking forward to having a working Dyson again Best Regards Dominique..

Dominique Talbot

Professional & efficent service

Very helpful and swift response to my email query. Dyson part delivered without haste...


Good service

Excellent service. I have a Dyson Animal and even though it's only 3 years old,both brush turbine h..

Joan O'Donovan

Dyson Adaptor Circle

Genuine dyson Adaptor Circle

Dyson Adaptor Circle
Manufacturer: Original Dyson Spare Part
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Dyson Product Description and Specification

Dyson Adaptor Circle

Genuine Dyson Adaptor allows you to attacht a Dyson extension tool to the body of your vacuum cleaner.

  • Soft dusting brush
  • Stubborn dirt brush
  • Up Top Tool
  • Mattress tool
  • Flexi Crevice Tool

See Product Specification for model compatibility

Dyson Model Group Compatibility
DC16 Models DC16 Animal, DC16 Car and Boat, DC16 Issey Miyake, DC16 Silver/Yellow
DC19 Models DC19 Allergy, DC19 Base, DC19 Independent, DC19 Precision, DC19 Comet Exclusive
DC19 T2 Models DC19T2, DC19T2 Animal, DC19T2 Blitz It, DC19T2 Exclusive, DC19T2 Multifloor, DC19T2 i
DC20 Models DC20 Allergy, DC20 Animal
DC21 Models DC21 Motorhead
DC22 Models DC22 Allergy, DC22 Animal, DC22 Multi Floor
DC23 Models DC23 Allergy, DC23 Animal, DC23 Motorhead
DC24 Models DC24 Multi Floor
DC25 Models DC25 Animal, DC25 Multi Floor
DC26 Models DC26 Multi Floor, DC26i
DC27 Models DC27 All Floors, DC27 Animal
DC30 Models DC30 Silver/Yellow, DC30 Silver/White
DC31 Models DC31 Animal, DC31 Exclusive, DC31 Silver/Blue
DC33 Models DC33 Animal, DC33 Multi Floor, DC33 Stubborn, DC33i
DC34 Models DC34 Animal, DC34 Animal Exclusive, DC34 Complete, DC34 Silver/yellow
DC35 Models DC35 Animal, DC35 Complete, DC35 Digital Slim
DC44 Models DC44 Animal, DC44 Animal Complete
DC47 Models DC47 Multi Floor, DC47 Multi Floor Complete, DC47i
DC56 Models DC56 Handheld UK, DC56 UK
DC58 Models DC58 Animal Complete UK, DC58 Animal UK
DC59 Models DC59 Animal Complete, DC59 Animal UK
DC61 Models DC61 Animal
V6 Models V6 Absolute UK, V6 Flexi, V6 Mattress,V6 Total Clean UK
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